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December: Test shots with new scopes/mounts

Dec 21: TMB 80/480 Arrives!

Dec 3: AP1200 Arrives!

Nov 30: TMB 152/1200 Arrives!



The Cookbook

First and foremost, here is my internationally recognized, critically acclaimed, world famous Astrophotography Cookbook, completely revised and updated to version 2.0 on 6/6/06. This 30+ page document describes the planning, acquisition, and processing phases of my astrophotography process in exquisite detail.

Included is a complete tutorial for processing DSLR images in IRIS, an amazingly powerful, completely free program for astronomical image processing.

Other Articles

In addition, here are some interesting technical analyses I've written over the years:

Miscellaneous Items of Interest

Animations your thing? Check out:

A bright supernova occurred in NGC 6946 just 6 days after my image was taken! See my image for details.