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New Image: Jupiter Moon Animation

Went out the other night to try to “film” Shuttle Discovery, docked at the International Space Station, pass right in front of the moon, as predicted by the Heavens Above web site.  (Click on that link to see a diagram, showing the anticipated path of the Shuttle/ISS.  If that doesn’t work, click here.

I was primed and ready to go with the webcam attached to the focal-reduced ED80, which gives me the widest field of view of all of my scopes.  As the extremely bright ISS/Shuttle sped across the sky, it looked indeed as if it were headed for the moon, exactly as predicted.  But it wasn’t to be, as it missed the moon by about 2/3’s the size of a full moon (rougly 20 arc-minutes or so), just enough to also miss my webcam, which was focused on the moon.  Sigh.  This would have made for a very cool animation.

But rather than pack it in for the night, I used that wide field of view to capture a time-lapse animation of Jupiter’s moons which I just posted on my web site.  Every 2min or so I captured a handful of frames, which I later stacked in processing.  Each such stack forms the basis of the animation, which spans roughly 96min of “real time”.  It’s kinda cool, but not nearly as cool as that Shuttle flyby of the moon would have been!

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