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Image Details:

Camera: Mofidied Philips ToUcam Pro II (840k): Color RAW Hack
Mount: Celestron AS-GT
Scope: Celestron C8-N (8" f/5 Newtonian)
Configuration: Eyepiece Projection
Additional Optics: University Optics 7mm HD Ortho
Filter: None
Effective Focal Length: 6000mm
Effective Focal Ratio: f/30
Exposure: 256 @ 1/25s, 5fps, gain=0%
Date: 10/30/05, 1:05 AM PDT
Location: Saratoga, CA, USA
Acquisition: QCFocus
Focus: Manual
Dithering: None
Guiding: None


  • IRIS: AVI conversion, CFA conversion, Registration, Best-frame selection, Stacking, Wavelet processing
  • Photoshop: Levels
  • ImageReady: Animated GIF conversion

Image Description:

This is a passable webcam image of Mars on a night of lousy seeing. This webcam image blows away this old one taken with a Digital Rebel.

The above image isn't an image at all — it's actually an animation. Each frame of the animation is the result of stacking the best 256 of 1000 frames from an AVI (with wavelet and levels processing, of course). Then each such frame is assembled into an animation using ImageReady. The individual frames of the animation are sperated in time by about 11min. Yes, Mars rotates about its axis very quickly. Mars's North is up and to the right in this animation. (I think. <grin>)